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Korean-American Innovative Technology Engineers and Entrepreneurs


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Korean-American Innovative Technology Engineers and Entrepreneurs

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KITEE (Korean-American Innovative Technology Engineers and Entrepreneurs) was established in May 2015 to become the center of the startup ecosystem for Korean-Americans in the greater NY metropolitan area. NY-NJ hub has been the fastest-growing technology startup ecosystem in the US only after the Silicon Valley over the last ten years. The KITEE’s business ecosystem features essential entrepreneurial components to startups: human capital in innovative IT, BT, FT, and other technologies, finance, business service, education/consulting, startup incubation and collaboration with Korea.

Our mission is to help transform technologists to technology entrepreneurs by offering professional services in technical, legal, and financial areas. KITEE is open to anyone who is interested in the entrepreneurship. Current KITEE Members comprise engineers and researchers in IT, BT, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors, financial and legal service experts, and students.

KITEE is meeting monthly, carrying out the series of initiatives toward creating startups with the following thrusts:

Provide opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and support for the transformation of ideas to business.
Develop business opportunities in various technical disciplines and their convergence.
Promote collaboration of US-Korea Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB).
Connect young entrepreneurs and seasoned innovators and business mentors.
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